Writing Conditions

If you need mascots to be able to write, what will you do if you ever lose them? If you have only one place you can write, what if you were unable to return there? It can be easy to convince yourself that the ability to create is determined by something other than yourself, and this can trap you into whole routines and sets of things you must have before you can write.

If you do not need a perfect situation, or any other thing, apart from yourself, and a writing implement, then you are free to create anywhere. Rules can be built to construct your writing process around freedoms, or it can be built around restrictions – one leads to more writing, and the other most likely leads to block.

You can play a game where the perfect situation is the classic track, and the imperfect situation is a riff on that. You should be able to riff all the time, and celebrate when the perfect situations arrive.

I have trapped myself into the first way of thinking before, and worked hard to free myself into the second way of thinking.

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