Perspective Collapse

How long to turn John into a Camera Head – walking existential trigger point? Finger snap. Camera snap. Shoot. Sniper. Photographer. He has people in his crosshairs always. John roaming around, subvocal binary spew infecting the electronics, and subliminal commands in the back-masking.

Remoras in an out-of-synchronicity quantum entanglement wake – they bob along, and they form a portable broadcast network, so he can send viral loads into the heads of those he meets.

Terminus Snow, Codename: Snowcrash, has been tasked to take out John, because they have been trying to mount a rescue event here for the last six months, and John has made it impossible. There is an alien presence here transmitting exotic matter into the space like junk dna that is reprogramming the localspace, supposedly cuing up the local population for a forced evolution, one for which they had not identified the trigger.

Write something new into the day. Terminus sits there with a specialised Reality Engineer hack-rig, and writes an illogic hinge into the narrative. Switch the gun for the camera and fire. John hangs like a static video image, pause rippling through him. The scene flattens down, and bang – he’s ready to be compressed into a non-event Cat Box. Terminus was good – smooth, efficient, and unencumbered by misplaced sympathy.

Terminus has seen the influence of uncaught Camera Heads – they turn the world into pictures. They slow the world down and trap it in a freezeframe. He has them trapped in a Bloop Hen Albumen Bubble. It makes interesting viewing.

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