Building Forever

When you reach the top of the mountain you still can’t fly, right? Whatever steps you have taken there are more to take. Each pinnacle is a platform for translation to a higher state. When you start to think that there is an endgame that is what you are trying to reach, so you should instead think of the chance to learn more.

Every place you get to, and every time that you live in presents you with opportunities, and you need to be able to spot them and seize them.

Sometimes I build a cage rather than a helipad and I forget that I built it, and I wonder who is holding me back, when it is really me. Every limitation, and every anchor I have found dragging behind me is something I affixed there like a charm on a charm bracelet.

Learning how to build consciously rather than unconsciously is important, and it is something after a fairly long time of creating good and bad effects that I finally seem to be getting the hang of.

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