To Hope For Good Endings

It is interesting watching something you watched a lot of before, but didn’t quite get to the end of, when you start to approach the end. It is especially hard when it is something that has been consistently good for most of its run – you worry that the ending is not going to be good.

You have to worry about the same thing with your own work – if you have been getting all good responses all the way along, you have to hope that you take it out with a bang.

A good ending can save a bad story, but a flat ending can kill a good story – all that build up into nothing.

I suppose endings are such huge things because when we reach our own we want to be sure we are making a mark – that it counts for something. Six Feet Under has always held a place of high esteem for me, and I am worried that it might suffer the same fate as Sopranos. Sopranos typifies for me the kid of cop out ending I would never want to embrace in my work.

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