I watched Fahrenheit 11/9 the other day. I had to get some distance from politics for a while, but this drew me back in, as Michael Moore is wont to do. I know he is like garlic to some political persuasions, but he really does ask some interesting questions, and presents facts in some interesting ways that really make you think.

I hadn’t fully understood what was happening in Flint. The fact that the water problem was created, not through some kind of disaster that out pollution into the water, but instead was driven by a decision that was designed to grab profit from an unnecessary project, made me feel sick. The fact that when 10,000 children tested positive to unacceptable levels of lead in their systems – a pollutant that can cause genetic damage that plays out over multiple generations – that was pretty disgusting to me. The Obama stunt where he drank water as PR thing was reminiscent for me of John Selwyn Gummer having his kids eat beefburgers at the height of Mad Cow Disease’s entrance into the human foodchain as CJD. It lessened my respect for him.

Some dots were joined up in regards to Donald Trump, but you just have to watch him to see where the problems lie with him. The current shut down and the ridiculous tweets are a cherry on top of a turd sandwich.

I was watching Woman Walks Ahead, and I learned a little more about the Ghost Dance and its purpose, and its significance, and learned that it came to Wovoka in a vision on the 1st of January 1889. Does it not seem apt that a religious movement communicating “an end to white expansion while preaching goals of clean living, an honest life, and cross-cultural cooperation by Indians” has its anniversary with the New Year, and that something like it might not be the answer to our current problems?

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