Chenry watched the pig saunter off into the bushes.

He had chosen as his metaphorm, a Pig-Pen. They were not as common as Bloop-Hens, but they did farm them out in the Clue Hinterlands, where they formed Heards. You fed them on pearls of wisdom, and if you were out in the field and were running low on those you could feed them on quotes. He called his Zebubba, in tribute to the pig-head in Lord Of The Flies.

Headitors occasionally also had Browse-Cows or Blue-Penguins. You could upgrade to a Pen-Dragon if you hit a certain level of proficiency, but again, it was not the most common choice. Parrot-Graphs were really just for kids, but sometimes they could be hacked and repurposed.

The pig ran out in front of him. This world, Autumnleaf, was full of forest fires the moment, and as Zebubba ran around squeeing and oinking, some of the scattered stories that they had come to round up and bring to an end, began to roll through their conclusions. The Autumnleafers normally had such a good control on the wild stories around here, but some of them had been building themselves into escape plans. You always knew trouble was afoot when a Blue Prince was spotted. Ghost-markers in the unspool.

‘I’m gonna make bacon of that little bastard,’ yelled the Blue Prince, as it ran towards him, teeth bared.

Chenry had his hand in a slice-glove, which was manipulating a hack-rig in slice-space, because having a visible and physical hack-rig in the field wasn’t always the best choice. The code streamed invisibly towards Zebubba, and it turned Zebubba from the cute Wilber-esque pig of most days into something more demonic looking. It was very satisfying to see the Blue Prince tossed in the air by Zebubba’s tusks.

As the creature somersaulted Chenry hit him with a pin and erase protocol. Autumnleaf would have to start returning to normal soon, what with all the editing that they were doing in these parts, after the assassination.

Zebubba reverted and trotted back towards him, stopping to get a head rub. Chenry logged the edit-time and then dialled in an exeunt stage left.

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