A Stolen Edge

Microsoft are a pain in the arse. I am sure that this is not news to anyone. This insistence that they break other programs on a computer is obnoxious though. Hewlett Packard made this machine – not Microsoft, so why should Windows install crap that makes it impossible to run things I need? Chrome won’t work, but Edge will.

I have been sitting here disabling stuff that I suspected of causing the problem, but nothing would bloody load. It looks like half the damned hardware issue I have been imagining may be down purely to software issues. Posts that should have taken no damned time at all to load have been taking three or four hours to debug. Windows – your users rule the roost – not you!

How practical is my shift to a Chromebox once I’ve fixed the monitor issue? Great, hopefully. I like to work hard, but I don’t like to struggle for hours doing unnecessary work.

Hopefully future work on this machine will go smoothly now I have acquiesced and am sucking the ghost cock of Clippy.

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