Is it wrong to say that I don’t want a new fucking editor for WordPress?

This isn’t a case of me being a Luddite – more that I like the current editor because of its ease of use, and that makes for ease of production.

It would be perfect if there were an opt-in and an opt-out stream for development of programs, but ti seems like this is less and less the case. If you don’t continually update you are in line for your program to stop working. Maybe I should have an air-gapped machine with all the best iterations of a program on it.

Some changes seem unsurveyed and unwanted. Why do that? I would rather see no moves forward if I am forced to lose something which I have perfected as a tool for the working method that works for me. This is not about not evolving, it is about cutting out needless change.

I am sure I wrote about this before, and then changed my mind because of some new fangled easiness, but if you can’t vacillate between old man and early adopter then there is something wrong with the world.

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