A Dip

Who the fuck wants to be a sluggard? No one. Well, maybe some, but it really irks me to not have produced enough of late.

I write as much as I can, but I have definitely not been writing much lately. Some of it is that, writing so many things, you sometimes run dry, and need to fuel up again.

It’s a fucking travesty that Filmstruck is ending – the only silver lining is it prompted me to fill in a lot of blanks in movies that I should have already watched, by Godard, Truffaut, and Fellini.

Watch the way these New Wave film makers treat narrative and visual storytelling and you can’t help but want to find some textual match-up. I have had albums I wanted to write the equivalent of, and these films have given me something to chew on. So, a lull that is just a dip awaiting a new crest.

Some stories I am writing will be ending soon, some will be picking up speed, and others will be starting.

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