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I don’t feel despair much any more. In fact hardly ever. The whole apparent disintegration of the world and the frame that politics puts around that picture, is just so much sparring verbiage, that is generated by people who have no integrity.

Campaign promises and promises aren’t synonymous. Some old white politician’s viewpoint on what the world is, very often bears no relation to how the world is. It feels like when someone tells lies about you and you are wondering how anyone can actually think that what is being said is true.

Do you have to read a newspaper to be informed? No. You may have to if you want to be clued in to something that is happening far afield, but when you look at the filters dropped in front of the lens, you can judge that what you are looking at isn’t the unmitigated truth.

Words are powerful and art is powerful. Money seeks to be just as powerful, but buying things up is not the same as being able to create things. Money says protest in sport is wrong, and that artists are wrong to get political, and yet bankers, and those whose only qualification to claim rulership is the money in their wallets, are right?

Stand on your platform, whatever it is, and use it. Just because you didn’t build it to the specifications that someone else had in mind, it in no way means that your platform or what you are saying from it is in any way wrong. It may just be wrong for some people listening. Let them go and find a message somewhere else that resonates.

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