19th Amendment Press

19th Amendment PressI am often coming up with ideas where I kind of half catch the mood – start it up – and then let it sit for a while until it grows to a place where it is ready for release. Other times the idea insists on being worked out and released as soon as I can.

I look around at the literary world and sometimes see that there really are a lot of marginalised voices that need to be heard – I know, probably not the biggest shock out there. I don’t like to just notice something and not do anything about it though.

19th Amendment Press came out of that desire to help give a platform to promote and amplify women’s voices. It is interesting to embark on this kind of thing, because anything constructed in and around gender is something of a minefield, so, being as I am a guy, I am making sure that I give the job of curation for this imprint to someone I trust, and who will reflect the ethos of what I am trying to do.

Not to suggest that I am not going to also be recruiting great women writers for this imprint of course. I like to publish what I like to read, and I am pretty excited by this idea.

For the moment you can contact me on musehick@gmailcom 

if you are interested in submitting a manuscript, but watch this space for unique contact data, as the site gets built out.

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