A Desire To Help

Who are you looking to help? In what way do you want to contribute to society? The thing is, every single writer and creative person on some level has an intent to communicate something that is important to them, and to have that communication cause an effect in its recipient. Otherwise, why communicate?

Create a dystopia and you are often holding up a mirror to the errors of the present day. Create a utopia and you may be trying to suggest pathways to a brighter place. Both come from a similar desire to push the world out of the status quo it has settled into – it is just reflective of the angle you think it is most effective to agitate from.

You see an issue with journalism – you can criticise the current system, or you might perhaps work on developing something new; something that offers a way to correct it. There is reportage, there is satire, and there is something that is more solution oriented. All of these have some value – one tells people where they are matter of factly; one aims to lighten the mood while pointing out the issue; and one aims to say I am going to make some new roadsigns, and perhaps we can navigate out of this morass.

Who writes without consideration of their own intent and the effect that they are having? Whose actions are allowed to slide by if these considerations do not force the writer to adopt a firm policy and act as, if not a responsible citizen, then someone who at least realizes they are the source of certain actions and therefore certain effects?

It can be a blindspot, and with writers, a lot of the time, it is covered by the blanket excuse of, I write for myself, but if that were true, why have anyone read it?

I look, myself, to help those who once wrote but stopped. I trained as a journalist and have an interest in making sure that journalism returns to the powerful tool that it is capable of being; held in high esteem, and acting to provide the checks and balances on power that it should.

In the beginning was the Word. That should let you know what the power of communication is capable of achieving.

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