Returning Like A Phoenix

Sometimes writing is as effortless as breathing, and when you can take a book from the point of conception, through the writing of the content, through the editing process, to the point of publishing, and then you can see the life beyond that, it is something magical.

As a writer, burying that work for a long time can be painful, and it can feel like the tunnel has collapsed in on you. You have to dig yourself out, and you have to work out where you want to go after you have liberated yourself.

As an artist, at some point in your career, you will end up being crushed by someone and you will feel like you want to be as far away from your art, its production, and the products of it, as is possible. The negation and the blankness that invite into the space that this excavation leaves can seem like a burial that you might never return from. But you can.

I have published a lot – they can be found under Paul Grimsley on Amazon. I hope that you like them – I hope that you buy them and read them and enjoy them, and that they come to mean something for you, as they meant for me.

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