It’s All About Guns

I watched the young girl, from  Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Emma Gonzalez, talking about gun control after surviving a shooting, and with the context and the logic, and the impassioned pleas of a survivor you’d think no one could disagree, wouldn’t you?

But guns in the US don’t make much sense if you come from a country without the problem; without the laws it does; and without the almost religious attachment to these fetishistic items. The claim is always for functionality, but what purpose can a semi-automatic weapon have beyond killing someone? It doesn’t seem like their would be much skill required hunting with one of these, unless its some kind of Velociraptor or something.

Trump has instructed the DOJ to ban bump stocks, which convert semi-automatics into fully automatic weapons. He has urged Democrats and Republicans to work together to improve background checks for people buying guns. The NRA isn’t worried and doesn’t see it as anything more than a minor change, and it’s hard to argue.

Trump took money from the NRA and told them he’d “come through” for them, and doing anything that might damage his standing with The Base is unlikely.

The right to bear arms has nothing to say on AR15s specifically, but you can’t mourn dead children on one hand and not close the loopholes that make the machines that killed them available. Or maybe you can. Maybe there is no problem with talking out of both sides of your mouth. Don’t expect the kids not to call BS though.

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