Thinking Visually

I have finally sat down to draw something today. Last week was a big shift for me, and a getting rid of some mental anchors that had been dragging me down for a fair while, really seems to have unleashed something. I have had artistic block in terms of drawing for a long time, so this is no small thing.

Watershed moments aren’t always painless, but they are necessary. They come when you keep turning up o the coalface and hammering away at it, and if you stay there long enough you don’t just find fuel in the coal; sometimes you find a diamond.

I have been lying to myself for a long time that it means nothing to me to have not been able to sit down and draw. It was like breathing for me for the longest time, and I was good enough that people would sit and watch me creating, because there was some degree of intensity there. I would like to make visual art as much as I make written art, but it works on a slightly different flow. Still, that flow has been dammed up for so long, that i am happy to be able to maybe show something soon.

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