Reality And Truth

I watched the Stephen Hawking movie and I was struck by how it really wasn’t about the most important thing about the man – and that was his science. It was a well acted movie – don’t get me wrong – Eddie Redmayne was brilliant – but it wasn’t about the science, and it lost me a little bit. But I kinda wanted to go and read his books more than I did before, so …

After that I watched Shattered Glass about Stephen Glass, which is a fascinating movie for two reasons – 1) Hayden Christiansen proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that he can act 2) Stephen Glass is an intriguing individual given the current situation with fake news.

Before all this I watched a documentary on Gore Vidal and got to see another brilliant mind that put itself at the service of its country, and waged a war against the forces that wanted to suppress people.

Now I am watching Marwencol and I am struck by how people’s truth and reality are so interestingly intertwined. This is the fuel one needs in order to write. And the things I write hopefully allow other people to build something else. Art imitating life imitating art and round and round.

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