Finding A Punchline

I am watching Comedians In Cars Drinking Coffee and Jerry and Tina were talking about weird characteristics of comedians that make them only qualified to be funny people, and not to do other jobs, and I think writers are like that.

There is a thing where I am living through stuff that most people would be dying – which I kind of do – but there’s the spectatorism that comes in, where you’re going, this would make a great story. Yesterday was a day like that – a Facebook status update captured the insanity that flowed from a moment where a cat landed on my head and lacerated it at 6 in the morning, I fell in the shower, and I had a 2 hour tech support phone call to handle someone’s email issues, right before the electric got turned off, and I spoke to an Amscot worker who couldn’t understand a damned word I was saying.

I offer as further evidence, the existence of piles or haemmerhoids – most people would be like, I really shouldn’t talk about these – but a writer or a comedian can get some mileage out of this. I actually found a story I wrote where the main character was nicknamed Piles – I kid you not. It was a great story.

So, I wanted to put $5 on amazon, and I had $5 on a card – so they did a test run of a dollar, and then I didn’t have the $5 to put on the card – what is that? Stupid is what.

Life is funny though – and it should be joked about and written about. So, I do this. I try. I do.

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