2018 Regular Movement

I kind of siloed this for a year. Why? Well, I kind of had the notion that I would enshrine the notion of Regular Movement into my regular writing, and work to keep in writing at least once a day for something. At the moment I am going through and compiling a list of work that I did in 2017, so that I can get a sense of how much work I produced, so I can feel a little better about the days, where they are, of less activity.

I know from that list that I already wrote in the region of 200 non-fiction articles across a number of sites. I am not sure how easy it would be to track the amount of copywriting I did for work, but that would bump up my statistics dramatically I think. Add in the poetry and the fiction and I think it is probably a pretty respectable amount.

Regular Movement was a simple idea and it really worked for me – the non-fiction aspect of the site is likely to be a decanting and unpacking of the other work I do on here, and tracking some of the influences and inspiration. For me, in the current socio-political climate, keeping the creativity flowing is a revolutionary act, but a necessary one. I went through some periods of block during the year, and I am unwilling to let that go on any further. Going to keep rolling forward.

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