One Problem Reflected In Broken Mirror

It is funny that you sometimes work out the techniques that you need to navigate a certain maze, and then you look at and fail to see that it is actually the solution that you needed to navigate all the mazes, because the thing that has been crippling you in your art is the thing that has been hobbling you with your life and with your finances.

I could map my issues in piles of toppling books. I could describe the unexpected things that hit me with a triumvirate of cats bouncing between said books, knocking them over. I could explain to you my behaviour in the anger and upset that I pretend is about the cats and the books and not about my own failure to see the issue with books in random piles and cats. I actually know what cats and books in random piles represent in terms of problems, but I am sometimes happy to lie to myself and say no, I don’t see that the real source of all the issues is the one who decided to own cats and set them amongst books.

You can disguise the similarities of the failings by saying because they occur in different areas of your life, that they are different things, but they echo each other; remind of each other; and at heart are the same damned problem reflected in a mirror of self that you smashed, but have decided to keep.

Start to admit that you have one major thing that is screwing up your life, and recognise it for what it is, and you might be able to actually fix the damned thing. I am working on it.

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